United for Animals was founded in January 2018 by Linette Courtney. Linette worked at Penn State in the Office of Development, since graduating from Penn State in the late 80s.  She started out as an Assistant Director of Development and worked her way through the ranks, retiring as the Regional Director of Development for the Pittsburgh Region.

After leaving Penn State, Linette started volunteering at Centre County PAWS and fostering cats. Dogs were housed in foster homes and at a local kennel.  The facility was 800 square feet, with an annual budget of $50,000.  It was the vision of the Board of Directors to have a larger facility where they could house dogs and cats at one location.

In consultation with the Board, Linette embarked on an ambitious plan to raise $1.92 million for a new 14,500 square foot building.  In addition, she acquired a 10-acre plot of land to build the new facility for $1.00 per year for 100 years.  All cat kennels, furniture, equipment, etc. inside the new facility were donated.  The new building was paid off within 5 years and the annual budget was increased to more than $300,000 annually.

Given Linette’s love of animals and her interest in helping as many animals as possible, she created this not-for-profit.  She knew that most shelters and rescues could not afford to pay a Development Staff, so her goal in creating United for Animals is to help as many 501(c)(3) animal welfare organizations in Pennsylvania as possible.

Thank You